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Hai there. Welcome to my shitty DA page. As you can see...I don't really do much in the way of art. I'm working on learning to draw good but not having much luck. So I stick with writing.

Other than that I'm just your average 21 year old nerd that never shuts up and is super annoying. Yay me!

All of the special beans in my life who I would be so lost without <3

My art idols!

Stamps Stamp by JetProwerTheFox
Seven Deadly Stamps: Wrath by Voltaira Rainy Days Stamps by Pooky-Stamps Blue Stamp by Pooky-Stamps
Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud Friends stamp by Meddle689 Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl
freak Stamp by zilla774 I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d Dark and Cute Stamp by bezzalair
Sarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01 A Mouse Artist Stamp by nirman Proud Furry Stamp :3 by WolvenFlames
Furry stamp by golden-jackal Human and Furry Equality Stamp by Ixbran Anthro Stamp by evilempress
Rawr Means Love Stamp by Mirz123 I support my friends stamp by Synfull My friends support me stamp by Synfull Fantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146 Puke Rainbows stamp by Cake4444 deviantART Stamp 9 by nirman Maleficent Stamp by AstaAura I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa .:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolf :thumb566676835: Undertale stamp by AMintleaf Undertale Sans Stamp by snowblooded
Stamp: Immaturity? by Britazzy 30STM fan stamp by InfernalAngel483 Bible Science by i-stamp
Stamp - I'm a virgin 1 by duhcoolies Stamp: Gay Rights by RogueDerek I swear a lot - stamp by Noiry TEAM WINCHESTER by SSNTTP-Vivi DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics I support washing hands by endlessweek gordon ramsey by Michete Hell's Kitchen Stamp by Krisderp Lick by stasher-dragon
TOS command Stamp by Svenly TOS Engineering by Svenly TOS Science Officer Stamp by Svenly
Star Trek stamp by Bourbons3 Stamp: Cap'n Kirk by black-lupin Stamp: My favourite Vulcan by black-lupin Stamp: I can has sandwiches? by black-lupin Stamp: All I got is me Bones by black-lupin Stamp: He has lungworms by black-lupin Stamp: Oh good he's 17 by black-lupin Stamp: Monitoring ya frequency by black-lupin Stamp: Needs moar Pike by black-lupin Castiel Stamp by Cloudrunner64 Supernatural Stamp by pixelworlds Supernatural Stamp 2 : Dean by tifenec child of the 90s stamp by invader-zim-14 Stamp - Hetalia Fan by MJ-Kagamine APH: I love Prussia Stamp by Chibikaede DP Transformation Stamp by ecokitty Kim Possible fan stamp 2 by BOBBOBISON Undertale by sapphiix I Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehog DISTURBED by caledum

Profile pic by :iconriverspirit456:



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Finally released some of my writings. Hue. 

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It's obviously rained at some point in the night. Because Azura has locked herself in the bathroom, hiding out, because well....

She looked in the mirror again. Her hair...dear god her hair. She looked like she was from the 80's.... "All I need now is some Guns N Roses and I'll really look the part...." She muttered. She started looking around. "Gotta be something around here that will help..."  She picks up a can of hairspray and eyes it warily. "Huh....I remember the last time I used hairspray...didn't go well. But I gotta do SOMETHING..."

Needless to say.....the brush and hairspray tactic didn't work. It just seemed to make her hair much more frizzy and puffy. "Son of a biscuit..." She grumbled.

Then there was a knock at the door. And a familiar voice. "AZURA? ARE YOU OK?"

She opens the door and takes peeks out, seeing Papyrus. "I'm having hair troubles. Go away." She tries to close the door.


" troubles."  




"THIS BAD!" 'She opens the door more so Papyrus can see her puffed up hair. She looks like an angry cat.

"OH...OH MY I DON'T THINK I'VE EVER SEEN IT THIS BAD...." He's staring around at it, looking thoughtful.

She heaves a huge sigh. "Yeah it's....rather bad this time." She tries running her fingers through it, trying to get it to smooth down. It just bounces back. Another sigh.

"I CAN HELP!" Papyrus said, seeming as if a lightbulb appeared over his head.



Seems like she wasn't getting a choice. "Ok but you better not make it worse...."


Somehow Azura wasn't convinced, but she really has no other choice.


"No hair ties. Besides they would probably break.."


"You cut my hair, I take your spaghetti privileges."


Azura sighed. "As long as it just makes my hair look presentable, do it."

She should have asked what exactly Papyrus had seen.

She had no idea what he was doing but she sat quietly as he worked, hoping that whatever he was doing was working...


Azura turned and looked in the mirror and froze, right then and there.


Azura's eye started twitching.


"YOU STUPID HEAD THIS IS A MOHAWK WHAT THE FUCK THIS ISN'T IN STYLE ONLY THOSE PUNKY TEENAGE BOYS WEAR THEIR HAIR LIKE THIS!" She really does look ridiculous. Papyrus had obviously found some hair gel. And used the whole bottle. Azura could probably kill someone with her hair.



"WELL HERE JUST LET ME TRY TO FIX IT..." He picked up the brush and hairspray.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" She yelped, trying to grab the brush and hairspray away from him. Here eye was started to glow and it was only a matter of time before she ignited the damn hairspray.




That's when she started sparking in fury, and then small flames started dancing on her fingertips. She immediately let go but...the can of hairspray was now on fire. Some of it must have leaked out of the spray nozzle and onto the sides of the can.

"GET IT UNDER SOME WATER NOW!!!" Papyrus yelped, heading toward the faucet.


"OK!" Papyrus tries to grab the can (which had fallen to the floor at some point) but it was too hot. "HOLY CRAP!"

"LET ME HAVE IT!" She picks it up (being fireproof comes in handy) and goes for the door.

Everyone else is just sitting around doing their normal things when all of a sudden the fucking bathroom door breaks open, Azura and Papyrus rocketing out of there like two charging bulls.

They notice Azura's rather spiky hair...and then the flaming can of hairspray and they all just...hit the deck. Poor Sans pretty much fell off a couch. Vona is just staring wide eyed after them and Frank looks so fed up he might throw something.

Azura and Papyrus finally manage to get out the door, and Azura chucks the can of hairspray, right as it explodes. Not a big explosion but there was a POP and burst of flame. And then the grass is on fire.

"DFJDSLFJDKFJSKLFJ!' Azura and Papyrus are both blabbering incoherently. Azura rushes forward and is trying to put it out but with not much luck.

Then Papyrus gets the water hose. Turns it on. And let's loose.

Azura isn't spared.

She stands there, blinking, soaked. The rest of the fire is put out.

Azura slowly looks at Papyrus, and then they both look back toward the door, where everyone is standing in the doorway, blinking.


"We never speak of this again...." Azura grumbled, tromping her way back to the house, leaving a trail of water behind her.
Bad Hair Day
This is just....great. 

Moderate mature filter for strong language.
"Can I get a toy please?"

"You just got a new one yesterday."

"But I want another one."

"Why on Earth do you need another one?"

"I....uh.....I dunno....just cause?"

Ted let out a huff and put a paw on his face. This child just never stopped asking for stuff. In the three weeks since he had taken her in, she had gone from the quiet, slightly frightened child to some ballistic, demanding little creature that just never shut up. "We are just going to pick up some food. Cause you've almost cleared everything out."

Azura looked up at him with large green eyes. "Ice Cream?"

"Dear god no. The last time you had that you stayed up all night and tried to set the curtains on fire."

"But I saw a spider! It coulda ate me or something!" She squeaked and tightened her grip on Ted's coat.

"Azura, if there had really been a spider on the curtains, I could have just gotten a rolled up newspaper and smacked it. You don't have to try and burn the house down for one measly little bug."

"But there could have been like....LOTS MORE!" She shouted, releasing Ted's coat and waving her arms. "And then they would have gotten loose and taken over all of Snowdin! And then what?!"

He released another sigh. "That wouldn't have happened. They would have frozen to death."

"You never know...." Azura mumbled, crossing her arms.

They walked in silence the rest of the way to the store, but when they arrived and actually started shopping, the silence was soon broken by Azura's demanding voice.....again.

"What's this?"


"Can I have it?"

"I don't like it."

"But what if I do?"

". . . Fine get it."

"YAY!" She grabbed a box of it and shuffled after Ted, looking rather pleased to have gotten a hold of her pasta. Ted just shook his head and tried not to smile.

After grabbing a few more things, they were just starting to head back to check out when something seemed to catch Ted's eye. "Holy crap, they have bagels this time. I haven't had these in forever."

Azura shuffled up and looked at them. "They....look weird. Like a bracelet or something."

"Yes, but a bracelet you can eat. I guess. Put some peanut butter on these things and you have the best thing next to sliced bread."

"Ooooo I wanna try!" She gave a little bounce.

"And that's just what we'll do."


"Ok, you only need a half of one. You've already had dinner, so we don't need to be off making you sick."

"But I won't get sick, I promise!" Azura said, pretty much bouncing in place.

Ted shook his head and handed her a half of the bagel. "I don't think you can promise something like that."

Azura took the bagel and looked at it. "Oh fiiiiine." She kind of turned it around in her hand, being careful to avoid getting peanut butter on her hands. She did this every time with food, as if it would just vanish into thin air like it wasn't really real. She didn't seem to remember why she did it, and Ted wasn't sure he wanted to know.

"Well go on. Give it a try. It won't bite back. Hopefully."

Azura looked at it for a split second longer before actually trying it, and you would have thought that child would have found the answer to all of life's questions with the look on her face.

Ted chuckled. "That good huh?"

Azura just nodded and kept nibbling on it.

"Well, when you're done there, you better go and get ready for bed. It's starting to get late..."


A loud bang woke Ted up the next morning. Sitting bolt upright, he sat listening for a bit, and the sound of footsteps shuffling around sent him walking quietly to the kitchen. Azura was never up this early, so of course he was thinking someone had broken in. He bared his teeth and slowly went to open the door, ready to jump on whatever had invaded and well....what he was met with almost caused him to have a damn heart attack.

It was indeed Azura....sitting in the middle of the kitchen...with peanut butter smeared all over the floor, cabinets, walls, and of course herself. Her hair was spiky with drying peanut putter and she had it smeared all over her nightclothes and face. Oh, and there were bagels scattered everywhere of course. She slowly looked up and waved a bit.

Ted was staring around the kitchen, jaw dropped, eyes wide. "Azura....what in the heck...why did you..." He trailed off, speechless.

"I was hungry so I wanted to get another peanut butter bagel....and the peanut butter was fun to play with so...I DREW YOU A PICTURE!!!" She ran to the wall where it had appeared she had drawn her holding Ted's paw and looking extremely happy.

Ted looked at the wall and couldn't help but smile. " is a rather good picture...."

"I KNOW RIGHT?! I'M THE BESTEST DRAWER EVER!" She raised her arms with the happiest look on her face, and Ted couldn't bring himself to be mad any longer.

"Well, although it is nice, we have to clean it off."


"Because we can't leave peanut butter everywhere. It will just fall off anyway."


"So let's get this all cleaned up. And maybe you can just draw that again on a piece of paper."

Peanut Butter
The first adventure with little Azura soon after her escape from a very bad place. 

6 year old Azura is adorable. Help me. 

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"So I understand that you are Azura's father?"

Ted sat down in a seat in the principal's office. He looked at Azura, who was sitting in the seat next to him, looking at her hands and twiddling her thumbs. "Yes I am. What is the problem?"

The principal, Mr. Orphington, looked straight at Ted with a deadpan look, adjusted his glasses, and looked back at the papers in his hands. "So...your daughter has been called here for a very....crude joke she has made. Any idea where she learned it?"

Ted squinted. He couldn't remember any jokes he had taught her. "No, if she learned anything, it would be from the other children."

"Oh no, there is no way that other children even know this word. So either she learned it from you or...." he trailed off.

Ted sighed and shook his head. "What's her punishment?"

"I'm afraid she will be suspended for two days. We cannot have this type of language here, and lord forbid the other kids start picking up on it."

Azura didn't dare look up at Ted. Just kept twiddling her thumbs and staring at the floor.

"Alright Mr. Orphington, I'll take her home. And I'll make sure this never happens again."

"See that it doesn't."


They both walked in silence, except for the sound of snow crunching underneath boots. Azura was still not looking up at Ted, instead keeping her eyes trained on the ground, glancing up every once in awhile so she wouldn't run into anything.

Ted glanced at her and finally grumbled, "So...what was this joke you said that was so bad?"

Azura remained silent for a bit before answering "Well...this kid asked me what something was and I guess I answered it wrong...."

"Well....what was it?"

Silence for a couple of more seconds, and then "She asked what do you all a duck with fangs...."

Ted raised an eybrow. " is that bad? What was the answer?"

"A fuck."

He stopped dead. "You.....Azura do you even know that word?!"

She shrugged. "I don't really was just there I guess."

"Well that is a terrible word! Kids your age shouldn't even know that word....let alone any other curses."

She shrugged again. "Sorry..." she mumbled.

She looked so down that Ted gave a sigh. "It's alright, it wasn't really THAT bad....and it does make sense. I mean....a duck with fangs could indeed you're only seven, so it's not like you really meant it in a bad way."

"I guess...."

"Hey buck up. At least you get a couple of days off."

"Yeah but don't you have to work too? Won't I be alone?"

"Nah, I'm off for the week. I think I deserve it for all the work I I'm guessing the next couple of days will be spent being lazy."

Azura looked up at him. "Yeah but I don't like just sitting around....we should go do stuff!"

Ted let out another sigh. "I knew that was coming...."


Needless to say, the next two days were spent trying to keep Azura from causing even more trouble....go figure.
The Duck Joke
The idea for this came from a thing on heard on Facebook I'm pretty sure. Just had to do it. Ah innocent. For now. Hue. 

Has a moderate mature filter for light cussing. 

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"So what answer did you get for question 5?"

"Um...well for some reason I got 27 but something doesn't seem right...." Azura huffed at her math homework, adjusting her glasses in frustration. She still couldn't get used to the damn things on her face but at least she could actually see what was in front of her.... "This crap freaking SUCKS." She grumbled, fighting the urge to crumble up the paper. Or burn it.

Her friend Jenny seemed to know exactly what she was about to do though. The little deer like monster flicked her ears and looked up at Azura "Hey, don't you dare Azzy. Remember Mrs. Lewis wasn't too happy the last time you had to go to her for another paper because you reduced it to ashes..."

Azura rolled her eyes and then glanced at Jenny. "Well if the old bat actually knew how to teach, maybe I wouldn't be STUCK!" Another frustrated sigh and an angry glare at her paper. "Either that or math is and always will be the bane of my existence."

"What I don't understand is how you're so bad at math yet....when we were doing our astronomy unit in science you seemed to do that perfectly..." Jenny narrowed her eyes. It was really odd considering they lived...well...underground as well. How did their science teacher even get their info? Who knows. He was a mysterious guy anyway.

Azura just shrugged. "Hey astronomy is awesome. I actually want to do it." She goes and erases her answer to the question since it was obviously wrong. And apparently got mad enough that her pencil snapped. She stared at it.

Jenny stared at the pencil, then at Azura. "Just...stay..."

The pencil and paper were gone in a flash of purple fire. All that was left was a pile of ashes.


* Next day

Azura walked down the hallway, head down, staring at the floor, hardly even paying attention. She had just received a harsh scolding from Mrs. Lewis. And she had refused to give her another paper. Just immediately gave her a bad grade and went on with the next lesson. Which Azura was also sure to fail.

She had noticed Jenny giving her a look of pity as she walked out of the classroom, but Azura had just angrily snorted and stormed out, not wanting to talk to anyone, not even her best friend.

Now as she was heading to her next class, she ran  into someone's back. It was like running into a wall. She had to look up to make sure she hadn't and felt horror trickle through her.

She had run into Damien, a large werewolf type monster. He turned around, a snarl curling in lips back. His bright yellow eyes settled on Azura, filled with rage, and then sick glee.

"Well well well...." He said with his trademark wolfish grin that could literally chill even the hardiest person in Snowdin. "If it isn't the pathetic little human!" His fellow goons chuckled as he said this.

Azura just pursed her lips and tried to go around him, not wanting to give him the satisfaction that he had hit a nerve.

"Ooooh no no no, where do you think you're going?" Damien moved right in front of her, and Azura glared up at him, but didn't say a word.

"You think I'm gonna let you get away with just running into me? I don't think so." He leaned down close and stared right into her eyes, his teeth bared in a smirk. "You think you're some sort of hotshot?"

Azura couldn't help but respond to that, even though it was NOT the smartest thing. "Actually yeah, I am quite the hotshot. Now can you move your face away, you're making me feel sick with your nasty dog-breath."

Damien's ears flattened to his head and his neck fur bristled. "Oh you've done it now..." But before he could do anything, the warning bell signaling they had a minute to get to class rang. Damien looked up, then back at her. "You better watch your back human....that's all I'll say." Then he stalked off.

Azura just glared after him before turning to head to her own class, but not before running into Jenny, who was looking as scared as...well...a deer. Cause that's what she was. Her ears flicked and her brown eyes were full of fear. "Um......are you crazy?"

She just shrugged. "Everyone knows Damien is all bark and no bite. He isn't going to do anything."

Jenny's ears flicked. "I don't know....I heard he almost tore this one kid up....actually scared him off from school. Nobody has seen him since."

"Oh please." Azura scoffed. "He wouldn't be able to scare me. Trust me on that...." Although she looked extremely unsure of that. Because in all reality, Azura was terrified. What if he did try to beat her up? Nah he wouldn't. She would sneak home. And get away from him. Hopefully.

Jenny seemed to share her own misgivings. "I just think we should be careful...."

* Later that day.

School had been released for the day. Azura and Jenny wasted absolutely no time in getting out of there. Azura had decided to take the back way home, hoping that Damien would be looking for her on the main paths. Jenny was of course walking her home just in case.

"Are you sure he still won't find us...?" Jenny asked, her nose twitching as she kept shooting darting glances around the woods.

Azura shook her head. "Nah. He's probably taking some other poor kid's lunch money. Stupid thug...."

Perfect timing. Azura was of course wrong in every theory of hers, as she heard a twig snap behind her. She immediately swung around, fear speeding her heart up. Jenny looked like she was about to faint.

In the gloomy darkness, 3 figures stood, all three with slightly glowing yellow eyes. Azura swallowed hard and backed up a bit closer to Jenny, who was shaking crazily as the three figures finally emerged into the dim light. Yup. It was Damien.

They started circling the pair, just like wolves in the above would circle their prey.

" ready to freaking pay for running into me in the hall you stupid human?" Damien snarled, cracking his knuckles.

Before Azura could respond, Jenny beat her to it. "L-leave her a-alone D-damien! It was an a-accident!" Poor thing's teeth were chattering and her eyes looked as if they could pop out of her head at any moment.

Damien scoffed. "Ah so the human has to have a stupid little deer defend her? You know...." Damien leaned closely to jenny's ear and whispered "that wolves EAT deer in the above, don't you?"

Jenny let out a squeal of fright and about fell over. Azura immediately moved to stand in front of her, trying to look as brave as possible. "Shut up Damien and just leave us alone! I'm sorry I ran into you in the hall and said you had smelly breath, but seriously, just go away!"

"Or what?" He scoffed.

Azura just remained silent.

"Thought so." Damien circled them again. "Hmmm...I wonder just how hard it would be to kill a human. Obviously Asgore is too weak to do it, which is why you're even here. Maybe I should take your soul. Become all powerful. Wouldn't that be something?"

"Keep your grubby paws off me!" Azura snapped, moving and keeping him fixed in her sight, seeming to be keeping Jenny behind her.

" mean like this?" Damien shot forward and raked his claws over her shoulder. They were surprisingly sharp too, as if he kept them sharpened.

Azura let out a yelp and fell back as pain shot through her shoulder. She took a quick glance. Three slashes tore into her hoodie and her skin was gashed with blood oozing out. Great. She glared at Damien, fear starting to be replaced with anger. "Damien.....please just leave us alone."

"No!" Damien snarled. "I wanna see how a human fights. If they're as wimpy as the stories say!"

Azura still glared at him. She could feel her body starting to heat up. She was trying to keep a cap on it though, not wanting to give in.

Apparently Damien just really wanted to push her. He seemed to give some sort of signal with his eyes, and his two goons rushed up and started shoving around on Jenny, not really hurting her seriously, just "playing" with her.

Oh boy. You're doing it. She's getting mad. Her eye is starting to glow.

Damien came up behind her. "Go on. Go save your little friend. Or are you too weak and pathetic? Like ALL humans?"

Azura spun around and clocked Damien right in the nose. He gave a yelp of surprise and his buddies stopped tormenting Jenny long enough to stare up in shock at what had just happened. Even Jenny was staring wide eyed.

Damien backed away clutching his nose. When he pulled his paw away, there was a smear of blood on the pad, and more trickling out of his nose. He looked up at Azura, eyes burning like coals in the dusky light.

Azura gasped. "Oh my..I didn't mean-" She never finished her sentence.

With a flash, Damien had charged and slammed into her, throwing her pretty much across the clearing and rolling Azura through the snow. She was completely rattled by the blow, the world spinning around her. She shook her head, but was hit again, this time in the ribs. She lay in the snow gasping for air, chest feeling like she had just been hit with a ton of bricks.

"AZURA GET UP!" It seemed like Jenny's voice was coming from underwater. She looked up through blurry eyes to see Damien standing over her. Why couldn't she get her eyes to clear....? Oh....her glasses were gone. They were laying broken in the snow behind Damien. Good job.

The wolf loomed over her, then struck down, paws on her shoulders and pressed her face into the snow. Blood from his nose, mixed with saliva dripping from his mouth landing in the snow next to her head. A harsh snarling erupted from the wolf.


Azura still laid there.

Damien leaned closer to her ear. "Now I understand why your dumbass is down here. What human would want a freak like you? And why would any monster want you? You're a NOTHING. Not monster. Not human. You are an outcast. A loser. You deserve to DIE!"

And something snapped in her. Just like that. She went completely still beneath Damien. Went totally limp. He chuckled, thinking he had finally won and loosened his grip ever so slightly...


She had rolled out from under him in a flash, and as she did so; her hands ignited, lighting the clearing up. Damien stared at her as she stared right back. But...something was different.

The look on Azura's face was wasn't her. It was cold. Emotionless. As if every scrap of warmth and life had been sucked out and replaced with just...hatred.

And her eye.....her eye and purple....That wasn't normal.

Damien blinked, shocked for a moment. Then he laughed. "That supposed to scare me?"

No response. Just that cold unfeeling stare.

"Pft, lost your tongue?" Damien lunged at her again.

Azura just moved out of the way. Even though she couldn't even see that well, she could still move faster than that giant blur.

Damien looked at her in shock, then charged again.

This time Azura literally did a stupid and tackled the blurry shape head on, her ignited hands searing into Damien's shoulder. The smell of burnt cloth, then fur and flesh filled the clearing, along with the agonized yelps of Azura's tormenter, who had now become the victim.

Damien threw himself back, screaming. By this time, his two friends and Jenny were frozen solid, as if they had turned into blocks of ice.

Damien sat up, looking at the terrible burns on his shoulders. This time he didn't even speak. He just let out an animalistic snarl and attacked, managing to latch onto Azura's arm.

The flames went out as she screeched in agony. She fell back, trying to rip her arm out of his grip. Her blood was staining the snow and it felt like her arm was being ripped off.

Damien wasn't letting go.

Azura opened her eyes, teeth gritted, then her arms burst into flames. Damien went skittering back, yelping as his mouth burned.

She took her chance and swiped right at his eyes, the smell of more burning flesh and fur filling the air.

She had gotten him in his right eye. There was no repairing that wound. He would be blind on that side forever.

As he lay in the snow, whimpering, clutching his face, covered in his blood and Azura's, she walked up an kneeled in front of him. She put one of her burning hands right next to the side of his face.

And in the most chilling voice ever to come from her, she said, "How nice it would be to just end you here and now. To watch your blood stain the snow here. Watch the life drain out of your eyes....well....eye I should say." It was like she was a whole different person. Unrecognizable. Unless of worked at a certain industry and knew a certain man.....and if you did, you would be able to see the striking resemblance between the two right now.

Damien looked up at her with his one good eye. "What...what even ARE you?"

"Doesn't matter. Just get going. Unless you want me put you out of your misery here and now..."

"F-freak...." The idiot swung again, leaving some shallow scratches on her face. She didn't flinch, even as yet more blood trickled down her cheek.

"Leave. Now."

Damien heard the threat in her voice. He quickly turned and limped into the forest, his friends taking off after him, throwing hate filled glances back at Azura.

She just stood there, watching as they left. Still with that emotionless stare.


The voice seemed to come from really far away. She turned around slowly, as if in some sort of dream. Like she didn't have full control of her body.

Jenny was still trembling, fear etched on her face but this time....aimed at her best friend. "W-what have you done?! You didn't have to do that!"

Azura just shrugged. "The fool needed to be taught a lesson."

"But you could have killed him!"

"Wouldn't that have been great?"

"NO!" Jenny bleated with shock. "IT WOULDN'T HAVE! AZURA WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

She looked at her friend in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"This..this isn't you..." Jenny was backing away.

"Of course it is...."

"No...NO! IT isn't'! Please just.....stay away!"

This time the fear seemed to reach Azura. She blinked as the rage seeped out. "W-what..."

"STAY! AWAY!" Jenny then turned and leaped away down the path, disappearing into the woods back toward Snowdin.

"Jenny!" Azura went to go after her but the effects of loosing control and the injuries she had already suffered from Damien slammed into her. She went down, coughing harshly as more blood speckled the snow. Then the full horrors of what she had done came back.

She had almost killed another living being.

And she would have done it without remorse.

What was she..... the worst kind of monster?

Why had she done that...why....what even HAPPENED?!

She finally just collapsed in the snow, curling in on herself, shivering not with cold, but absolute terror of what she had just done...and what she had almost come to do.

"I really am a monster....but not like the others. I'm a danger to them.....I should be locked up...."

Horrible dark thoughts were crowding her mind.

"What if this happens again? Will anyone ever be safe around me again...?"
Probably my favorite thing I've written. Really like how everything plays out here. Kinda shows Azura's more darker side as well. 

Moderate mature filter due to violence/gore and strong language


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